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Wood Flooring - Wood Floors on Itex Websites

I Teach Wood Floors

I have been a wood floor mechanic for over 30 years. My site is 30 years worth of pictures and experience with wood floors. I do wood floors on ITEX.

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Itex Capitol Trade Exchange - Olympia Washington

Capitol Trade Exchange – ITEX in Olympia WA and surrounding areas. providing our clients with the opportunity to use the ITEX Barter system.

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ITEX - Pacific Business Exchange, Inc.

Pay attention or pay cash - itex ... Barter is the oldest and most established way to do business.

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:: itex ::

Welcome to ITEX! ITEX is recognised for quality and excellent m-Commerce (Mobile Commerce) solutions through designing and building acquiring and vending solutions since 1996. Infrastructure in Africa coupled with lack of telecommunication and financial services are probably the main reasons why very few IT companies have entered the the African market.

Africa missed the technology rush of the eighties and nineties and is now calling for very innovative cutting edge technology with minimum resource requirements.

We believe that through our m-Commerce platform, we have created a niche through which revenues can be generated with EVD (Electronic Value Distribution) gearing our clients to roll out with full banking infrastructures. The most profitable market in Africa is the one where the inefficiencies, ineffectiveness and volumes are the highest. These would include the major Financial Services, Telecommunication and Utility organisations in Africa. (ie. Banking, Insurance, GSM / Telecommunications and Electricity). Екатеринбург. Разработка web-сайтов - Последние новости.

(This appears to actually be a Russian website development company. Do you think They have a clue about the "real "ITEX"?)

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Use ITEX to trade your goods and services through our barter exchange organization for the goods and services you desire from other businesses!

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Itex au Québec

Volet quйbйcois de Itex, le plus grand rйseau d'йchange commercial du monde. Itex's Quebec division, the largest network of commercial exchange in the world.

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Sometimes a Phone call is better than 10,000 words on a website. Need More information? My name is Franklyn. My picture is on a $100 Bill. AND Yes I exchange links with other ITEX websites. Call me at 1-360-807-3122


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