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A wood floor in Upstate NY where I inlaid cherry in a floor in the shape of Koi


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My name is Franklyn and I have been in the wood flooring business for over 40 years.   I have a wide range of experiences and welcome your input at my forum listed below.   I started in the wood flooring business quite by accident and it has been a very rewarding career.   I am originally from upstate NY.  

 I learned the basics of the trade there with a company which was involved in refinishing Gymnasiums in the northeastern United States.  They also did custom houses where I learned how to install borders and other custom installations.

Shortly  after setting out on my own I moved to Northern Virginia.   I did a lot of historical renovation work in Washington, D.C. including an embassy.  I did a 10 foot circle from scratch and also got do work in the Watergate Condominiums on wood floors.  After 7 years we moved back to upstate NY for 5 years.   I did the job of inlaying goldfish in a floor during this time.

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Hyper Lander Codes - This site has game codes and free download links for Hyper Lander by E.S.Q. Software.

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More Links - Links to more stuff.

More Links - Links to more stuff.

More Links - Links to more stuff.

More Links - Links to more stuff.