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Offers health-related products, including air and water purification systems for the home, vitamins and supplements, and household cleaning products.

EcoQuest:Desert Edition

An interactive mission about the desert environment and its inhabitants.

On Sun, 19 Mar 2006 16:47:22 -0800, David H. Schlottmann said:


Just a note to let you know that there will be a meeting this coming Tuesday with Bob Giddens, the EcoQuest company's top money earner, to describe the company, its products, benefits and opportunity to anyone who is interested.

The interesting thing to note about Bob is that in his time with the company, he has only sold about 20 machines.

His strong point is recruiting, and he has built a massive downline.

If you would like to hear him speak, there is no charge to guests, and there is no obligation afterward. We would enjoy having you with us.

DATE: Tuesday, March 28

TIME: 7:00 pm (with sign-in between 6:30 - 7:00 pm)

LOCATION: Radisson Inn at SeaTac (across from the airport)

SPEAKER: Bob Giddens

Here is a brief description of Bob taken from an announcement for this same meeting being held in Portland the day before:

Bob is EcoQuest’s largest income earner.

Formerly from Houston, Bob went broke in the down economic times of the late eighties and moved to Florida to recover.

He was introduced to EcoQuest in March 1995 and viewed it as his last chance to rebuild his finances.

In less than two years, Bob finished paying off $300,000 in debts.

He has been at the top of EcoQuest ever since!

Don’t Miss This Powerful Event!

Learn why 2006 is a special year for EcoQuest International because of our upcoming introduction of LaundryPure and other positive factors.

Bring your dreams and bring your friends. This is going to be a very special night.

Alpine, EcoQuest Air Cleaner Claims Questioned Again

Alpine, EcoQuest Air Cleaner Claims Questioned Again.

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EcoQuest New Zealand Study Abroad

Interdisciplinary field studies program in applied ecology, resource management and environmental policy.

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Ecoquest Scam - Read About The Ongoing Ecoquest Scam EcoQuest Scam

Some of the math details of a pyramid scheme.

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