I Would Love to Have your Feedback
on my wood flooring website

I Would Love to Have your Feedback on my wood flooring website

To be sure I Teach Wood Floors is a unique website. If you have found this website useful, entertaining, overwhelming, or educational I would LOVE to get an email from you. I turn emails into more webpages and will include a FREE link to your website if you have one and include the link.

Because many of my emails come from my visitors they are very unique information in themselves. For example, consider the email below that I just recently received:

On Sat, 04 Mar 2006 14:23:21 -0500, Robert said:

Hi Franklyn,

again wow, what a site. I am building my sixth building, a house for my wife and I and my last building project. It hurts too much at 61 to be doing this myself but like you mention it all takes money. My new house is in Frankford, DE just 10 miles from the Atlantic beaches near Bethany Beach, DE and Ocean City, MD.

I built a 20x20 "cabin" to live in while working only in the warmer weather. It has AC, a shower and a two cook top propane cooker for cooking and heating in the bridge season when I am working on the house. Already have four years into it. The house is one story about 3500 sq. ft. I bought about 6-7000 sq. ft of 2 1/4 x 3/4 red oak flooring which I have stored at my place in Pennsylvania.

The house I live in now a rancher I built in 1987 and I installed strip oak flooring, sanded and finished it myself with my wife. I used the old drum roller sander and when I turned it on I ran it through the drywall in one of the bedrooms.

Didn't anyone tell you not to run thru walls with it? I hear that Bob Villa tried on his show once for the first time and he was a little surprised too how much it pulled. Speaking of Bob Villa I think you might find the online videos on his website very helpful. You can view these videos right on your computer. They are Free to watch and include sounds and narriation by Bob himself.

This brought a response from my wife which almost led to murder but she is still with me and still provided a generous amount of advice but little actual help or knowledge. The sub floor in this house is 2 layers of 1/2 inch plywood with some glue to help make it one. I put down a layer of rosin paper and while the floor looks great I do have squeaks which are annoying. So I am not sure if it is the 2 layers of 1/2 inch plywood or I did not get the boards tight enough or I should have used felt or what!

I am concerned about future squeaks in the new house. A month or so after I have the drywall spackling done and dry probably this summer I plan to move the oak flooring wood into the new house in Delaware and let it acclimate to the house moisture for a couple months.

If you use the proper amount of staples and the flooring is milled well you should have no problem with squeeeeeeeeks

I spent a few weeks last summer stapling up 5000 ft of 1/2 inch pex for radiant heat under the 3/4 glued down plywood sub floor which is sitting on trusses set 24 inches OC giving me an actual 20.5 inch span. I had the trusses engineered for the hardwood floors and tile.

I see you are using felt instead of rosin paper but I read that with radiant heat you get another layer of insulation from the felt and possible the smell of asphalt. What do you think?

I don't use rosin paper myself. I have used it when I was learning the trade but is seemed like it was always sliding around and bunching up and causing problems. Spill some water on rosin paper and it will absorb it. Not too impressive to me as a vapor barrier!! I use a product called Aqua Bar. It's a brown lightweight kraft paper with an asphalt center. I would question the idea of any smell once the floor is installed and sealed.

I have to use the 1 1/2 inch nails to keep from damaging the pex. I am wondering about pneumatic nailer vs the old hand nailer. Home depot sells two kinds of hand nailers a Bostick for about 450 and another manufacturer for about 250. It will be interesting to see how my knees hold up but from memory I suffered greatly last time!! My main concern will be the squeaks what nailer to use or stapler and do you think the newer sanders will help me get a more level job. I will do about 2200 sq. ft of oak and sell off the rest of it.

I use a Bostich stapler myself. I have done radiant heated floors with the 1 1/2 staples and found it di an excellant job. Staples tend to hold better in my experience. One of the ways I know this is I have had to repair wood floors that have been both stapled and installed with cleats and the stapled floors are harder to take up.

I purchased one of the used Clarke EZ 8's from an Home Depot Rental store and quite honestly my 220V professional drumsander is not getting any use. The EZ 8 is easier to carry, needs no messing with 220V hookups, gets into smaller places like kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, and utility rooms which means less edging and the drum design means that it is perfectly round. What's not to like?

Any advice you can give me would be great. The reason I am even asking is I was so impressed with your web site. Most of the flooring web sites are only really selling flooring and the info they provide is canned from everywhere else; they have no one who has ever nailed a board.

Then their is your work - what skill and quality. I can probably find Mexicans that I can afford to throw down the floor but it will be thrown down and I will not be able to even communicate with them.

So, I will probably do it myself. I wish I could afford an artist like you to do it for me. Years ago I saw parquet strip flooring done in a castle in Berlin that was probably 300 years old so beautifully done that I remember it to today.

Unfortunately, few people can afford artists like you these days. At least I can get some advice.

Thanks for the web site,
Bob Brooks

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